Complaints and feedback policy

The TASCAT has published a Service Charter for the delivery of its services and a Code of Conduct for Members of the Tribunal (in accordance with Section 94 of the Tasmanian Civil and Administrative Tribunal Act 2021).

The TASCAT welcomes any feedback about its functions and services.  If you have any recommendations or observations you wish to make about our services please send them to or the postal address of the Tribunal.  You may provide anonymous feedback to the Tribunal.

The TASCAT also provides the following processes for addressing complaints about the Tribunals services.

Before making a complaint we would ask that you make contact with the Registry by telephone or email to see if your problem can be resolved by the registry staff.  If your issue cannot be resolved directly with the Registry, you can then make a written complaint.

You can make a complaint about a TASCAT service, procedure, practice or policy.

For example, this can include a complaint about:

  • The conduct of a registry staff member or Tribunal Member
  • Any registry processes or procedures
  • The quality of service or facilities.

You cannot make a complaint about a decision or order of the TASCAT.

A complaint will not change any decision or order that the TASCAT has made.  A party can challenge a decision or order by lodging an appeal or any other legal avenues provided by the Tasmanian Civil and Administrative Tribunal Act 2021.

You cannot make a complaint about matters outside the control of the TASCAT such as the laws which TASCAT must apply and any government policy affecting those laws.

Making a complaint

If you wish to make a complaint, you must complete the approved form which is available in the list of forms.

You can have another person assist you in completing the form, or you may ring the Registry of the Tribunal where a staff member will assist you in completing the form over the telephone.  Please note your call will be recorded to ensure accuracy of the complaint.

Please ensure you have following information to complete your complaint form:

  • Your name and contact details (and preferably an email address);
  • The TASCAT file number for your matter (if applicable);
  • As much detail as possible about your complaint including relevant dates; and
  • How you would like the TASCAT to resolve your complaint.

Complaint resolution process

The TASCAT will confirm it has received your complaint in writing by return email.  Your complaint will be treated with professionalism and courtesy.

The TASCAT will complete an initial assessment of your complaint within 14 days and notify you of that outcome. If the TASCAT determines that your complaint requires further investigation, you will be advised of timeframe required.

You will be updated about your complaint in accordance with any timeframes provided to you. During the investigation of your complaint, you may be requested to provide additional information.

Complaint referrals

Type of Complaint Referred to
Registry staff, mediators and conciliators Principal Registrar
TASCAT Registry, processes, procedures, services and facilities Principal Registrar
Conduct of a TASCAT member, Member Mediator or Conciliator Deputy President or Division Head
Conduct of a Deputy President/Division Head President
Conduct of the President Attorney General

Once your complaint has been investigated the TASCAT may respond by:

  • Explaining any action taken;
  • Giving information about procedures and processes;
  • Where appropriate, suggesting a solution;
  • Provide an explanation, where appropriate;
  • Providing an apology, where appropriate;
  • Providing information for external organisations who may assist; or
  • Review and if appropriate, modify TASCAT processes or procedures.

Anonymous complaints

The TASCAT does not receive anonymous complaints. A complainant needs to provide their name and contact details.  You may, however, provide anonymous feedback as explained in the feedback section of this policy.


Your complaint will be kept separate from any case files.

Complaints are treated as confidential by not disclosing them to other parties to your proceedings.

The information in your complaint may need to be disclosed internally, on a need to know basis, in order to appropriately investigate and respond to it.

The information in your complaint may be disclosed in a de-identified format as part of our reporting obligations in our annual report.

Managing unreasonable complaint conduct

We will consider the contents of all complaints. However, we will not continue to investigate or deal with a complaint where we consider the conduct of the person making the complaint is unreasonable.

Unreasonable conduct may include (but is not limited to):

  • Excessive or persistent repetition of an issue
  • Inappropriate demands or expectations
  • Abusive, trivial or vexatious behaviour; or
  • Persistent contacting of the Tribunal or staff while a complaint is being investigated or after an outcome has been provided.

Reporting of complaints

The TASCAT will publish limited and de-identified information regarding the complaints it receives in its Annual Report.

This information may include:

  • The number of complaints received and complaints upheld, partially upheld or not upheld
  • Data about timeliness in responding to complaints (average time to respond)
  • The number of changes made to services arising from complaints
  • Any customer satisfaction information about the complaints handling system, in a de-identified format.
Updated: 7th March 2022