Service Charter

Our purpose

To provide a fair, independent, transparent and accessible Tribunal to all Tasmanians by meeting our statutory objectives contained under Section 10 of the Tasmanian Civil and Administrative Act 2020.

Our values

The Department of Justice has adopted the following values for itself as an organisation.

We act with Integrity, Respect and Accountability.

Our workplaces are Inclusive and Collaborative.

The TASCAT have adopted those values and given additional detail in this Service Charter, with standards drawn from the COAT Tribunals Excellence Framework, as to how we act in accordance with these values in the provision of our services.


We will act with integrity:

  • by ensuring equality before the Law to everyone who comes to the Tribunal;
  • by ensuring fairness in all our hearings and processes;
  • by ensuring impartiality in our decision makers and staff;
  • by maintaining our independence as a decision maker.


We will act with respect, courtesy and professionalism to everyone who comes to the Tribunal.

We will be inclusive, considerate and attentive to the needs of the diverse Tasmanian community in the delivery of our services and by acting with respect towards all persons who come to the Tribunal, including:

  • those from culturally and linguistically diverse background;
  • Tasmanian Aboriginal people;
  • those living with a disability and/or mental illness;
  • LGBTIQA+ persons;

We will be inclusive by seeking feedback and information from those who come to the Tribunal and stakeholders.

We will ensure our services are responsive to the needs of the diverse Tasmanian community by using straight forward language and by adopting appropriately flexible processes.


We will seek feedback and information from those who come to the Tribunal and our regular stakeholders.

We will work collaboratively, where appropriate, with other bodies and agencies to ensure effective, efficient and responsive Tribunal services to the Tasmanian community

We will provide people who come to the Tribunal an impartial and transparent complaint resolution process for Tribunal services.

We will ensure the ongoing support and training of all decision makers to provide efficient and quality decisions to persons who come to the Tribunal.

We will monitor our operations, publish information about them and seek to improve our decision making services at all times.

Our service

What we can do:

  • Answer your questions about our role and processes
  • Provide forms, information and fact sheets
  • Provide simple procedural advice regarding our forms and fees
  • Provide contacts to other relevant agencies and support services
  • Provide information about listings and hearing dates for your matter

What we cannot do:

  • Tell you what to say in your application form or in a hearing
  • Give you legal advice about your case
  • Give you an opinion on the merits of your case or whether you will be successful
  • Speak to a Tribunal Member on your behalf
  • Take any actions that would undermine our impartiality

To help us provide you with the best service we can, please:

  • provide accurate and complete information to the Tribunal
  • always include the Tribunal’s reference number for your matter if you are sending information or have questions about your matter
  • let us know if you have any special needs
  • treat our staff, members and other parties with respect and courtesy
  • be punctual and prepared for your hearing
  • make sure you comply with any directions or orders that the Tribunal makes
Updated: 8th November 2021