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GAB Service Quality Survey

GAB (Tas) Service Quality Survey

The Guardianship and Administration Board has a strong commitment to maintaining and improving the quality of the services we provide to all parties who have been involved in the resolution of enquiries, complaints or disputes.

The information gathered from your responses will be used to ensure that that the Guardianship and Administration Board can continue to improve the services it delivers to the Tasmanian community. We ask that you take 10 minutes to complete the questions below, and your assistance is very much appreciated.

We invite you also to provide constructive comment, which may assist us further in improving our service quality standards to assist us in improving our standards of service. All responses will remain anonymous, and the survey document contains no information that might identify you.

If you require further information or assistance concerning this survey please contact the Registrar on (03) 6233 3085.

1. Where do you live?

2. In the application made to the Guardianship and Administration Board (GAB) were you:

  • (please specify) eg: interested party, professional, etc.

3. If you were the applicant or if the application was about you, did you:

4. If you were the applicant, would you expect to be:

5. Overall, how would you rate the service you received from the GAB staff?

Efficiency of GAB staff

Waiting time when telephoning GAB

Telephone manner of staff (polite and professional)

Call transferred to correct person

Waiting time when visiting GAB offices

Disability access to GAB

Facilities in the waiting area

Facilities in the hearing room

Time taken in processing of your application from lodgement to completion

6. Overall, did you find:-

Staff were helpful, friendly and professional

Information provided by staff was accurate and up to date

Information and GAB documents were sent in a timely manner

GAB application forms were easy to follow

GAB letters and notices were easy to follow

(please specify below)


7. How would you describe the following aspects of the hearing [physical environment]
(Please select from the options below)

Finding the hearing room

Physical layout of the hearing room

Comfort of the hearing room

8. If you were the applicant, how did you find out about the Guardianship and Administration Board?
(If you were not the applicant, please go to question 9.)

9. If you have attended a hearing of the Guardianship and Administration Board:

Was the application adjourned from the first hearing date?

Did you find the hearing method helpful to your case?

Was all of the relevant evidence available at the hearing?

Was all of the relevant evidence available at the hearing?

Did the hearing resolve some or all of your concerns?

Do you believe the hearing process was fair to all parties?

Were you given a decision immediately or quite soon after the hearing?

Did you understand the final order of the GAB?

Were you given reasons for the decision?

Were you informed of your appeal rights?



10. Did you have sufficient information to prepare for the hearing?

11. How much notice of the hearing were you given?

12. What were your feelings regarding the length of notice you were given for this hearing?

13. Approximately how long did it take from when you first became involved in the GAB proceedings to its final resolution?

14. What were your feelings regarding the hearing?

15. Did you feel that all relevant facts were discussed at the hearing?

16. Did you understand all the questions asked of you?

17. Did you feel that the Board listened to you?

18. How did the matter end?

19. Would you recommend the Guardianship and Administration Board to others in the future if having a similar dispute or question to resolve?

21. Have you used our website at

22. How often do you visit our website?

23. Did you find our website easy to navigate?

24. Was the information you required available on the website?