Tribunal technology

The Tribunal premises has audio visual systems that allow parties, witnesses and representatives to attend hearings by telephone or video conference.

Each Stream will notify parties of whether they need to attend in person or whether they may attend by telephone or video conference.

The following is general information to assist you with using the technology systems at the Tribunal premises.

  • If the Tribunal contacts you for a telephone conference, from one of its hearing rooms, the call will usually appear as a Sydney (NSW) telephone number.  There will also generally be an automated voice advising you have joined the conference.
  • Please ensure that you are in a location that is quiet to avoid background noise disturbing the proceedings.
  • To participate in a video conference with the Tribunal you will need a stable internet connection; a computer desktop/laptop with a webcam and microphone; and the computer should have a web browser or Microsoft Teams app installed.
  • Some Tribunals may require you to test your connection with the hearing rooms before the hearing.  They will advise you if that is needed.
  • Please note if you are attending remotely by telephone or video conference, the location from where you connect is deemed ‘court premises’ under the Court Security Act 2017.  It means any directions issued to you by the Tribunal apply as if you were present at the Tribunal premises.
  • Please note that the microphones in the Tribunal hearing rooms are very sensitive and broadcast to speakers in the ceiling of the rooms and the hearing loop systems even if the recording system is not operating.  If you wish to have private conversations you are advised to do so outside the hearing room.
  • The Tribunal hearing rooms have been equipped with infra-red hearing loops.  Please ask reception if you require assistance.

Please note: you are not permitted to record any proceedings of the Tribunal while participating in a telephone or video conference.

Updated: 8th November 2021