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The Tribunal’s decision

Following the hearing, if the Tribunal determines that the patient should be on a treatment order, the patient and other relevant people will be given a copy of that treatment order.

Anyone attending the hearing can ask the Tribunal for a written statement of the reasons for the decision, either at the hearing or within 30 days of the hearing.

Once it has received this request, the Tribunal has 21 days to provide this written statement.

The Tribunal may publish a de-identified copy of the Reasons for Decision.   These Reasons for Decision can be found at AustLII.

Appealing the decision

Anyone involved in the hearing can appeal the Tribunal’s decision. To do so, they must lodge an appeal with the Supreme Court, within 30 days of the Tribunal:

  • making its decision at the hearing, or
  • providing the written statement of its reasons.

Read more about the appeals process at the Supreme Court website.