COVID-19 information (Updated 1/07/2022)

Important Protective Division Update

The Tasmanian Civil and Administrative Tribunal has determined that matters that fall within the Protective Division of the jurisdiction of the Tribunal, will return to in-person hearings commencing on 1 July 2022. The following streams will issue specific advice about the return to in-person hearings as required:

  • Guardianship Stream
  • Mental Health Stream

This follows the return to in-person hearings of matters falling within the General Division of the jurisdiction of the Tribunal on 28 March 2022.

The Tribunal is currently reviewing its Safety Plan requirements in managing the risk of COVID19 on its premises.  Until that review is concluded, the existing requirements of the Tribunal Safety Plan will be maintained for persons who attend the Tribunal premises.  The Tribunal website sets out those requirements and they include the wearing of masks in the public areas of the Tribunal, confirmation of up-to-date vaccination status, hand sanitisation, social distancing and any other directions issued by officers of the Tribunal.  Please ensure you also comply with any requirements of any other premises from which Tribunal hearings are conducted.

Updated: 29th June 2022