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Tribunal Listings

Please note that these listings are subject to change at short notice.  Should you wish to confirm a listing please contact the Tribunal on (03) 6166 4750


There are no listings in the week commencing Monday, 30 January 2023

Hearings open to public

Except as provided by Section 30 of the Health Practitioners Tribunal Act 2010 a hearing of the Tribunal is to be open to the public.

During any hearing in proceedings the Tribunal may on application of a party to the proceedings or on the Tribunal's own initiative make an order excluding a person from the hearing or make an order prohibiting the reporting or other disclosure of all or any part of the proceedings or prohibiting the reporting or other disclosure of particular information.

In making any such order, The Tribunal may take into account that it is dealing with privileged information or information that has been communicated to the National Board or the Tribunal in confidence. It may also consider that it is dealing with information concerning the personal affairs, finances or business arrangements of a person and that the disclosure of the information may be unfairly prejudicial to the reputation of a person.

Where hearings are held

The Tribunal currently sits at the following venues:

Hobart:            38 Barrack Street, Hobart

Launceston:   Level 1, 111 St John Street, Launceston